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8 - 14 Years Old


Non residential Programs in proximate natural surroundings or in open urban settings.


4-6 Day programs set in convient wilderness settings


14 - 18 Years Old




5-8 Day Programs

low to medium degree of challenge in wilderness settings


18 - 30 Years Old



6-12 Day Programs

degree of challenge varies depending on the wilderness setting and program context.



for Young People

for Adults

for Families 

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4-8 days

An opportunity to look within and discover that there is still more in you!


Degree of challenge would depend on the wilderness setting and program context.


4-8 days

Families, however defined, can embark on life changing journeys together.


Degree of challenge would depend on the wilderness setting and program context.

for Organisations

for Outdoor Professionals


4-6 days

These programs support leadership and institutional development.


Programs could be integral to entry level orientation and apprenticeships, mid-level resets or mentoring for senior levels. 


4-12 days

We are committed to building and supporting a generation of skilled outdoor education leaders.


These programs are curriculum driven and delivered by subject matter specialists.


Certified Alumni enhance their career prospects through being showcased on our website.

Challenging Activities

Activities could include rock climbing, river rafting, kayaking, trekking and similar incorporated into the expedition.

Immersing in, experiencing and learning from nature

In the Natural Environment


Taking participants from where they are to where they could be. Learning new skills and unveiling new awareness.


Could be for a day or several days, sometimes even a few months

Participants are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and others. No task or responsibility is too small

Participants have different levels of experience, skill, confidence, fitness and comfort zone thresholds. Discover that There is More in You!


As Self-Reliant as possible

Being Challenged at the Edge of your Capabilities

Odds & Ends

Start Point

If you have a group or are planning a program, write to us at and let's make a start.


We can run a program anywhere in India. Let us find a playground together!

Ideal Group Size

We run a program if we have a minimum of 8 participants.


We believe that we are most effective working with group sizes upto 40 individuals.

Diversity & Inclusion

We welcome diversity and we are happy to work with all individuals no matter their ability, sexual orientation, race, colour, creed or caste.


We promote and foster an integrated and normalised approach in working with people.

Safe Space

We make our best efforts to create a safe space for individuals to thrive.


We deliver programs working with and through our network of certified professionals!


All participants are covered under an appropriate Adventure Insurance policy.

Risk & Liability

All participants are expected to sign a Release of Risk and Assumption of Liability declaration prior to the start of a program.

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