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To Serve, To Strive and Not to Yield

Outward Bound is an educational innovation, started in 1941 by Kurt Hahn, a German educator. "We are all better than we know. If only we can be brought to realise this, we may never again be prepared to settle for anything else" This simple idea of Kurt Hahn provides the guiding principle of all Outward Bound experiences.

An Outward Bound program is all about creating lasting impact in the lives of every participant. Programs are designed to embrace challenge in the natural environment and are delivered through expert practitioners using experiential learning methodologies.  

Outward Bound International represents the global network of Outward Bound Schools across the world. Currently there are 36 licensed schools across 33 countries. Each school is a separately incorporated entity operating in the country where it is licensed.

Outward Bound India Himalaya (OBIH) is a licensed member of Outward Bound International and its certificate of endorsement is valid until 31 December 2025


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